Webinar Marketing: How To Use Webinars To Make Online Income

The Webinar Marketing: How To Use Webinars To Make Online Income training consists of three sections:  Section 1 covers webinar basics. Section 2 goes over a webinar platform, and Section 3 explains how to make profits.

Webinar Traffic – Twitter is one of the best places to get traffic for a webinar.

How to Find Create Content – Answering questions is a great way to create content for Twitter.

JV Partners – Joint venture partners can give their lists a lot of value by sending them to a webinar instead of a sales page.

GoToWebinar Intro – GoToMeeting has a variety of programs and services.

Scheduling Webinars – First, you can schedule a webinar that’s similar to one you have started before.

Recording Settings – You can record your webinar. Then, you can use it as a piece of content.

Start the Webinar – Practice is always a good idea, especially if you have more than one presenter on the webinar.

Polls – You want to find out what your audience is thinking. You can find out what they thought of the webinar, or what type of information they want to learn about.

Follow Up – After you conduct polls and surveys, you can send out follow up emails to the people who attended.

Success Tips – If you’re going to be successful with webinars, you have to be sincere and genuinely try to help people.

How to Convert Your Audience Members Into Buyers – Spend the first 80% of the webinar giving value to participants. Give some free content and really help people.

Webinar Revenue – You can use your webinar to sell group coaching. Webinars are great for group coaching, since you can use the platform to help lots of people at one time.

As you can see, you have lots of options for making money with webinars. With that in mind, it’s time to get started. Come up with a plan so you can make some money with webinars.

I’ve only included what I think are the most important factors in optimizing and monetizing your blog. I hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always I’d love to hear your feedback!

To your success,

Barry North

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